Digital Artworks is proud to launch DIGISHIELD - Anti-Bacterial Films

Anti-bacterial films

Digishield is an anti-bacterial, eco- friendly, air purifying printable film, that is designed to eliminate and fight the spread of germs and deodorise odours. All in one material, this anti-bacterial innovative film is the perfect solution for environments where people are susceptible to or at high risk of microbes.

How do these anti-bacterial films work?

The anti-microbial film contains a mineral coating, which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Within approx. ONE minute of a person touching Digishield, the potential germs are neutralised. Utilising these certified films on your walls, doors, windows, counters and signage will help shield and keep your workplace healthy and safe with a microbe- free assurance.

Possible Industry applications:

  • Medical Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Aged Care facilities
  • Family Care
  • And much more


Are you interested?

We are excited to share this new product, so we have designed an Anti- Bacterial Viral Protection Package for you. 

Limited offer includes:

  • FREE Design & Safety Consultation
  • FREE Costing of DIGISHIELD Film
  • FREE Client Care Maintenance